How to take good care of your dog?

Having a dog or a puppy in your home fills your life with great happiness and joy. After you bring a dog home for yourself and your family, it becomes an important member of your family. Kids often get along with dogs very well and it would be great to know that they have something to take care of and love. To take care of a dog and loving it helps your kids grow into nice human beings.

A dog is the best companion because it can also help you during hard times. When you have planned an outing and you have decided to bring your dog along, the dog will help you and your kids have a great time. In addition to all these benefits, the presence of a dog in your home can help your body be strong and immune to a number of diseases.

As fun as it is, having a dog, is a huge responsibility. You have to take care of your dog just the way you do with your family members. You have to be aware of the needs of your dog and you have to keep it safe from all the hazards. In the case of negligence, your dog might become sick or it might get lost. To avoid all the problems, you have to know the whereabouts of your dog at all times.

Following are some tips and tricks to take good care of your dog.

  1. Provide a clean shelter for your dog

The first and most important thing for your dog is to have a place in your home where he can eat and sleep peacefully. Now, it is pertinent that your dog should be extra clean at all times and the way to do that is keeping the shelter clean. You have to take care of your dog’s hygiene well and clean out the shelter at regular intervals. In addition to that, you need to make sure that your dog gets a bath regularly and be sure to comb him and trim his hair.

  1. Maintain a good quality diet for your dog

In order for your dog to grow healthy and be active, you have to feed it a healthy diet every day. You need to figure out a way to feed your dog healthy and at the same time, make sure that your dog likes it. You have to try feeding your dog with different food such as dry food, raw food, or canned food. When doing that, you have to carefully assess which type of food your dog loves the most.

After you know your dog’s choice, you need to make sure that your dog gets food at least twice a day. You can also try changing the menu for each time to make sure your dog gets every healthy constituent that it needs. In addition to that, you have to make sure that your dog is getting food on a strict schedule each day.

  1. Availability of fresh water at all times

Providing your dog with clean and pure water is as important as food. You have to make sure that your dog is getting the water regularly because it is very important to keep your dog at an optimum level of dehydration. You have to know the signals that your dog gives when it is hungry or thirsty.

  1. Keeping a check on your dog’s health

You have to keep a close eye on your dog’s health and make sure that everything in your power is being done to keep him healthy. You have to find out a vet that is both reliable and experienced to guarantee that your dog is getting the best healthcare possible. You need to follow all the directions that your vet provides and you have to take your dog to your vet on regular intervals.

To keep your dog away from all the diseases you have to get your dog prophylactic treatment. Be aware of all the diseases that other dogs are suffering from in your neighbourhood and get your dog vaccinated for all of them. One of the deadliest diseases is rabies and you have to get your dog vaccinated against it.

  1. Develop a healthy relationship with your dog

In order to understand your dog in the best possible way, you have to communicate with your dog. Train your dog to catch the ball and do some other things following your command. It will help you and your dog to get to know each other better.

  1. Take your dog out for walks

You have to give your dog time and attention in order for it to be a good dog. You have to take your dog out for a walk three times a day every day as this will give an opportunity for you and your dog to get regular exercise.

If you are new to this, you don’t have to worry about anything because is a website that can help you in any matter related to dogs.


Having a Great Family Time with the Kids

Parents should always focus on improving family bonding with kids. It is a basic responsibility that one cannot ever neglect by any excuse! What are parents for anyway if they cannot give their best for the kids? One ought to give the best of education, sports, skills training, online etiquettes, and the lessons of life to see their children be successful. 

Fulfilling responsibilities 

The internet is an especially perilous zone about which all guardians should be very careful. There is a lot of good in it, and also many things that are unfit for the access of children. Then again, kids will always be kids, curious about exploring anything that you would explicitly forbid them. So, if you really want to find a balance, be a guide to your young ones. Instead of banning access to the internet, help them by introducing them to helpful online lessons. Even for very young kids, who are just getting familiar with the computer, typing lessons are going to be very helpful. 

After all, in this era can anyone even imagine life without computers? It is inevitable and one can never deny their obvious usefulness! The point is that as much as you may want to try, the children would need to be familiar with it. However, if as responsible guardians you introduce them to it, then you can tell them what is good and what is not right. Consider introducing the young learners to the methodical dance mat typing lessons. Here, the providers categorize the lessons into modules and sub-lessons, making it super easy to follow. 

Follow the process

As parents, you should see that the learner does not skip lessons. They are fun to apply and follow, designed in a flash animation as interactive games. At every stage, there is a cartoon animal character, who guides the young learner through the lesson. So, only when you complete the game level 1, proceed ahead with game level 2 and so on, accomplishing all the 12 steps. It is better to complete all of it without keeping any gap in between. Are you thinking about ways to keep the kids engaged positively during the vacation? This can definitely be one of the best ways.  

Actually, very few people can actually type without looking at the keyboard. Even advanced computer users such as professional writers or web developers may find it difficult if they do not have the necessary practice. Therefore, it is all a matter of practice. The earlier one starts with it, the better it is. Let the kids grow on their learning curve with an interactive program that focuses more on helping the student rather than picking out mistakes all the time. 

Well, it is obvious that anyone who would be trying to type for the first time would have problems. Even simple words such as ‘window’, or ‘understand’ can take well up to a minute trying to figure out the position of the keys on the type pad. Yes, it would have been easier if the alphabets were in their usual order! However, given the haphazard way of type pad spacing, the exercise is almost like re-learning the alphabets again for the first time. This should not dishearten the learner though. This is because, for anything new to be, there would always be challenges to overcome.  

Fast fingers forward

It is definitely made easier with the scientific approach helping the student to perfect the typing skill with all ten fingers. After all, it is not rocket science or picking up how to play guitar! Definitely, learning anything new would require dedication, whether it’s a guitar or the computer type pad, but the latter is going to take much less time though! Well, on a side note, it should be a great idea to introduce your kids to the guitar as well. Just like computers, guitars can be amazing lifelong companions. (Another similarity: Both take a maneuver of fingers.) Who knows, maybe you are just bringing up a mighty Rockstar for a powerful Black Metal Band

Even if you are Metal-head parents, introduce your kid to the typing lessons. Teach the young rebel how to read, how to paint or how to type on the computer even. Fancy online typing games may be too colorful for metallic senses, but it is okay because it is for children! The companies making these digital ideas often design in the format of a game so that it is fun to learn. All you really need to do is just provide a little help at first. Otherwise, the lessons are quite self-explanatory.  

Resuming the typing lessons, remember that it is just as if the child would memorize the keys with all ten fingertips. To type without glancing at the keyboard in itself is a major feat, and surely is an occasion to be proud. It also provides the occasion for a fantastic family time centered on something very positive.        

An Inquest into the Legacy of the God Seed Bloodline

The eternal bloodline of the covenant beckons all lost souls to this salvation. Come, ye forbearers of the dark realms, come unto this apocalyptic landscape. Death seeks you in this clarion cinema of soul. Toiling hard, did you seek the wealth strewn in the abyss, soaked with blood? There, you see the tears of blood gently coming down by the eyes of a crucified corpse. You can see the insects infesting the hollow that once were one so dear to your heart. Feel that blood as the sacrifices sought.

An ominous predicament

The altars of this unforgiving realm must keep paying. The great emptiness of the coffin must claim the fated ones. The machine must turn and keep turning, for the show must go on. This eternal battleground of the harvest of flesh keeps seeking the dark freedom of the Lord. That day, when the sun will turn dark as in night and the moon shall bleed ominous. A day of terror and love is waiting to become.

The raging inferno of the cathedral reminded the dark warriors of the glory of Him. That seething rage of eons also seeks the ashen peace of the end. As the flames compete to leap higher and higher, let the infernal glow illumine the dark truth. Will there be any papal inquest to this event? Perhaps there is one, a Judgment that is underway for ages.

The Command of the Reverse Cross

Who can face that sword coming down? Hail to thee, O Great destroyer, the King of Horror. Come, come ye mighty warriors of this cult of death. Gather in these hallowed plains for the great slaughter to commence. The dark agents of these lowlands can smell the blood in the air. It is a thing to fear. Do you find it hard to carry through? Whose debts do you carry? What makes you heavy? Tormented by the grip of flesh, the scream sears into those feeble hearts, hiding beneath the denial of death. Let the truth brand the debts of death on them, gripped in an inevitable frenzy.

In this devastating dream, seeking some kind of a form, you can hear those whispers. You wake up in the middle of a nightmare, tormented by what can never be. Looking for answers, you must know whom to blame. A crucified messiah cannot save himself. Ah, the torment that came down is purifying. The blood of carrying betrayal spurted like infernal paintings with each swish of the whip endured. Stand strong on your ground and carry your cross. Speak, shout, and scream of the pain of knowing the truth all the time.

What remains now is that long night to behold by the crackling woods at the hearth. How many times did you ever wish that this night to never end? Wandering in this misty wood of underworld, are you the one who waited for the dawn, suppressing the curses under your lips? Seek your place in this landscape in the legacy of God Seed bloodline. The seed planted becomes a tree, nurtured with blood, sweat, and potion from rotting carcasses.

Music of a thirsty night

Let not the surreal overtone baffle you to believe that it means nothing. You know that there can be nothing more real than the music that holds you to your place. To realize who or where you really belong, and then to fortify that sense of belonging, that is how you know that it is true. It is that surge of blood and debt that must come through. Is the violence only apparent? It can as well be a shrewd ploy to conceal the fears of doom. Then again, the concealed and denied are but the hardest realities of a reversed truth, the order of the Antichrist dictates. As the pale evening wanes into a thirsty night, let the musical horses run into that place where the bravest of the bravest come face to face.

Demons are always personal, friends of the revengeful, they are. Who are you then?  Perched high on the wings of dark tunes, you get to know if you are one of flesh or one of the Dark Soul. Those dark chains can hold only the ones who denied their debts. There, even there is the price that must come through by the sacrificial blood. The laws governing these realms are merciless in execution.

The Lord sets them to place, engraves them onto the heart of His lost sons and daughters. The bloodline of the covenant must redeem this great payment. Even the ones put to task received forgiveness. The firmament wept in blood rain when the cross was put up on Golgotha. The scream that went up tore the fabric of trust adorning him once. Now crucified, the blood seeped through the wood into the dark ground. There was that story only the seers and prophets could comprehend. An anecdote suppressed into the night with deception waits to unfold as the ancient blood thirst reveals once again, in music yet unheard.


Taken Deep inside Blood Churning Black Metal Darkness

Job 1:7English Standard Version (ESV)

7 The Lord said to Satan, “From where have you come?” Satan answered the Lord and said, “From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking up and down on it.”

It is cold brothers. Dark Crusaders of the eternal Armageddon, can you feel that chill? Somewhere obscured inside that misty grey realm of the Lord, you, who found no peace in vanity, are welcome. Let your heart bleed hard for the unsaid truth screaming without respite, for the Lord seeks your surrender. There is the weeping of the fated. Oh, who can endure that unforgiving torment but the dark grace of hard repentance! Every scream resonates with the horrors of death eternal, music to seek the Lord. What did you find? Lined with the hollow of skull eyes, enter into the pyramid, for the silence beckons you. As the chill sets like hoarfrost, worship, worship the majesty of Satan with all you have. Cry, cry with your might, may He kindle the fire with embers from burning bones. It is cold brothers; it is cold.

Ashen Reminders 

Remember how you bled? Revenge, you say, but who is to blame. This grave sadness seeping into the veins from the cold ground freezes the feet. Move forward. Leave the futility of living an unforgiving existence, o, who can feel really? All these stories to share, the unsaid darkness, beware traveler for you are in Hell. This is where you belong. Look around in this great vault of mortal remains, lined by skulls and the ones impaled by His judgment. Can you see the bony phalanges pointing to the underground? Can you feel the steps painted black with sacrificial blood? Come down into the antechamber of execution, and see. See with your own eyes the pain of the bloody cross, of a forsaken Messiah. O, who can feel the pain but the ones baptized with blood? Have you no heart, but a hollow? Seek and seek your lost soul, perhaps you may redeem. Is not the Lord benevolent? Who is to blame?

The Eternal War

The sword, brothers, wield the sword. Whose blood do you seek to dispel on the altars? Whose blood pays the price of freedom? Are you grateful to your enemy? Warrior of the Unholy, brethren of the Inverted Cross, see the rain hissing as she kisses the eternal burning sulfur in this realm of the crestfallen. Implore the rain to come down in torrents. Let the funerals begin. Let the sorrow bestow the feelings that you try so hard to forget. That great snake, did you just feel Him above you? You are in the underground, finding your way out of into the cathartic darkness. Ah, trample them rats scurrying about, itching to severe pieces of flesh for they think nothing of survival. Somewhere in this vault, there is a key that unlocks the gates of lava waiting to envelop this forsaken graveyard. There is also the sonic key to that place of hard repose, where you finally find the answers you sought always. You got to pay with blood.

See around, warriors of the Great Darkness. These chambers of tortured souls testify to the sufferings of the cross. They narrate cold hopelessness, condemned by the judgment of Him, who brought this cursed world to be. Who could escape the sword that came down when there was no pity to feel? In those last vestiges of dreadful sorrow, from love to mercy, and from mercy to pity, those last scream of the doomed are still here. Hear them, let your heart bleed. Are you ready for the sacrifices sought from you? Who did not repent? Who did repent truly, crossing the dark heart to the forsaken tune of the graveyard? As the dead raised themselves, the leprous Lazarus pleaded. O God, why did you abandon me? Lying down in the tomb of the necromancers, those who wait to be alone like thieves in the cemetery, who sees you when no one does? Brothers, you who returned with memories of the Glorious Kingdom, hail, hail the banners of victory! Stand true, for death oversees your fate. This is Black Metal.

This is real. You feel it in your bones. The life that gives is the death that takes. The friend who stands strong is not the one who does not belong to the band. Set the crosses and arrange the stakes, for a doomed Messiah must face the truth. The one who bled and the one who paid his price with blood, the vault carries the stories of all.  Everyone and everything belongs to Him. Who can question Him who puts a noose through the nose of the dragon? Who hurled the spears unto the monster beneath the blood moon? The rain fell in torrents. The music played on and on inside the dark forest.


How Will You Use the Media For Your Karaoke Machine?

Every karaoke machine needs some kind of media that the device can play. The content includes media that features the appropriate song files that will do two things.

First, the file has to produce an audio track that the person will sing. The track may include some backing vocal effects, although the quality will vary based on what you utilize.

Second, the song file needs to include the lyrics that the person will sing. The words should appear on the screen that the karaoke machine comes with. Those words may also appear on a larger monitor that the machine links up to, although the setup will vary based on the karaoke machine you utilize.

The good news about a karaoke machine is that you can use media in various forms. You should notice what you can get out of the music files that you will play and that you’ve got the right amount of cover over whatever it is you want to play with.

The Typical File Format

The media that you utilize in your karaoke machine should be produced with the CDG file format. The CDG or Compact Disc plus Graphic format is a file that includes two segments. First, the CDG file will include the basic audio that the song is played back with. Second, there is a graphic display that will appear on a computer or karaoke machine. The graphics should be timed to where certain things will appear at specific moments within the song. This should entail the lyrics, although some other graphic embellishments may be incorporated as well.

Can Discs Work?

A disc can work in a karaoke machine. This is a simple option as it ensures you can play music directly off of the machine while also producing the most accurate lyrical details.

The disc that will go into the machine must be designed for karaoke intentions. Specifically, the disc should have a series of CDG files. The number of files that the disc has will vary by model, but you can expect a disc to have around 60 to 75 minutes of content like what you’d get out of a regular compact disc.

It is easier to control one of these discs on karaoke music equipment list because you can switch between tracks directly through the unit. The guide book on your disc should include details on the songs you’re switching between. Also, some machines will automatically stop after one file is done, which is useful if you want to pass the microphone over to someone else and that person needs to get ready for the performance. Check on the technical points of your machine to see how well it can handle a CDG disc.

Flash Drives May Work

It is always a good idea to have a flash drive on hand for your karaoke machine. You can use a flash drive to add more media for your machine to play. A flash drive can include as many CDG files as desired provided that you don’t go beyond the capacity on that drive. Many of these setups can handle about 4 to 8 GB of files at a time.

You would have to look at how well you can navigate through different parts of the flash drive on your karaoke machine. The display should include an interface that lets you move between files or folders. You can create many folders that will divide your CDG files based on the types of music you wish to store. Some models may also let you produce playlists where many people can play music.

You must notice how well you’re going to get your karaoke machine to play back music. Be sure the media you utilize is of the proper CDG format. You must also ensure that the karaoke machine has a proper form of media that contains the CDG files you want to use.


Reviews on “Bogefod”:

5 av 6 – Scream Magazine
9 av 10 – Soundscape Magazine
8.5 av 10 –
8.5 av 10 – Ave Noctum
8 av 10 – Occult Black Metal Zine
8 av 10 – Dead Rethoric
4 av 5 – Rock N Reel Reviews
5 av 6 – Eternal Terror
80 av 100 – Ashladan
77 av 100 – Ragherrie

“…Bogefod is a fantastic release. Sarke have outdone themselves with this album.”
– Soundscape Magazine

“Look behind you for the rotting Bogefod then go buy it!”
– Ave Noctum

 “…this latest saga in the Sarke anthology in one certain to stand the test of time.”
– Rock N Reel Reviews


Sarke’s fourth album, featuring the icy and grim screams from Darkthrone’s lead vocalist Nocturno Culto, is truly the grandest and most dynamic album from Sarke to this date. ‘Bogefod’ presents nine tracks that stretch from lingering atmospheric doom to thrash to black metal and technical metal – all within the realms of suberb quality.

It is a highly conceptual album spinning around the evil walking dead Torolv Bogefod from the norse classic Eyrbyggja saga. After an ugly death Torolv breaks out of his tomb. Dead, yet undead, he terrorizes the villagers and causes deaths and devastations. This viking story is a 1000 years old.  Several retrospective musical elements enhance the underlying story, as the warm sound of a 100-year-old guitar colors the otherwise icy and grim atmosphere of Nocturno Culto’s screams. In addition to this, the ballad in the track ‘Dawning’ in between all the ripping and chilling moments throughout the album enriches the contrast and contributes to telling the story’s true and folky nature.

Sarke is in a sense a band formed by legends of the darker metal genre, with the prementioned Nocturno Culto on vocals, Steinar Gundersen (Satyricon) on guitar, Thomas “Sarke” Bergli (Khold, Tulus) on bass and Anders Hunstad (El Caco) on keyboards. Together they have crafted an extremely immersive album surely to draw the listener into a historical and dark universe in a way no one ever have before.

Both Sarke as a band, and the story Bogefod’s lyrics presents will take part in a movie called SAGA, where Nocturno Culto has a leading role.

“This album delves into the core of what Sarke is all about.”
– Nocturno Culto (Sarke, Darkthrone)

“Since it’s a concept album it should be digested in its entirety. It will pay off.”
– Steinar Gundersen (Sarke, Satyricon)

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