Having a dog or a puppy in your home fills your life with great happiness and joy. After you bring a dog home for yourself and your family, it becomes an important member of your family. Kids often get along with dogs very well and it would be great to know that they have something to take care of and love. To take care of a dog and loving it helps your kids grow into nice human beings.

A dog is the best companion because it can also help you during hard times. When you have planned an outing and you have decided to bring your dog along, the dog will help you and your kids have a great time. In addition to all these benefits, the presence of a dog in your home can help your body be strong and immune to a number of diseases.

As fun as it is, having a dog, is a huge responsibility. You have to take care of your dog just the way you do with your family members. You have to be aware of the needs of your dog and you have to keep it safe from all the hazards. In the case of negligence, your dog might become sick or it might get lost. To avoid all the problems, you have to know the whereabouts of your dog at all times.

Following are some tips and tricks to take good care of your dog.

  1. Provide a clean shelter for your dog

The first and most important thing for your dog is to have a place in your home where he can eat and sleep peacefully. Now, it is pertinent that your dog should be extra clean at all times and the way to do that is keeping the shelter clean. You have to take care of your dog’s hygiene well and clean out the shelter at regular intervals. In addition to that, you need to make sure that your dog gets a bath regularly and be sure to comb him and trim his hair.

  1. Maintain a good quality diet for your dog

In order for your dog to grow healthy and be active, you have to feed it a healthy diet every day. You need to figure out a way to feed your dog healthy and at the same time, make sure that your dog likes it. You have to try feeding your dog with different food such as dry food, raw food, or canned food. When doing that, you have to carefully assess which type of food your dog loves the most.

After you know your dog’s choice, you need to make sure that your dog gets food at least twice a day. You can also try changing the menu for each time to make sure your dog gets every healthy constituent that it needs. In addition to that, you have to make sure that your dog is getting food on a strict schedule each day.

  1. Availability of fresh water at all times

Providing your dog with clean and pure water is as important as food. You have to make sure that your dog is getting the water regularly because it is very important to keep your dog at an optimum level of dehydration. You have to know the signals that your dog gives when it is hungry or thirsty.

  1. Keeping a check on your dog’s health

You have to keep a close eye on your dog’s health and make sure that everything in your power is being done to keep him healthy. You have to find out a vet that is both reliable and experienced to guarantee that your dog is getting the best healthcare possible. You need to follow all the directions that your vet provides and you have to take your dog to your vet on regular intervals.

To keep your dog away from all the diseases you have to get your dog prophylactic treatment. Be aware of all the diseases that other dogs are suffering from in your neighbourhood and get your dog vaccinated for all of them. One of the deadliest diseases is rabies and you have to get your dog vaccinated against it.

  1. Develop a healthy relationship with your dog

In order to understand your dog in the best possible way, you have to communicate with your dog. Train your dog to catch the ball and do some other things following your command. It will help you and your dog to get to know each other better.

  1. Take your dog out for walks

You have to give your dog time and attention in order for it to be a good dog. You have to take your dog out for a walk three times a day every day as this will give an opportunity for you and your dog to get regular exercise.

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