The first track titled “A Greater Call” from the upcoming mammoth “Mariner” is available on all streaming services. This is a solid taste of the cataclysmic events yet to come!

“Mariner” – out on April 8!

If you pre-order “Mariner” (on Amazon, FNAC, Indie Recordings Store, etc.), please fill out the form on to access a free download of the track “A Greater Call”!


“A Greater Call is the link between the city and the void above.
Imagine walking up to your vessel and how the excitement grabs hold of you. The feeling of uncertainty.
Are you even going to be able to push through the atmosphere in one piece? 

A last breath before blast off and then we leave.
The song is about how humanity is cutting its losses and leave a dying planet. Its only hope lies above.

Although it might not be representative of the album as a whole and Julie’s involvement.
It is where the journey starts.”

– Cult Of Luna