Every karaoke machine needs some kind of media that the device can play. The content includes media that features the appropriate song files that will do two things.

First, the file has to produce an audio track that the person will sing. The track may include some backing vocal effects, although the quality will vary based on what you utilize.

Second, the song file needs to include the lyrics that the person will sing. The words should appear on the screen that the karaoke machine comes with. Those words may also appear on a larger monitor that the machine links up to, although the setup will vary based on the karaoke machine you utilize.

The good news about a karaoke machine is that you can use media in various forms. You should notice what you can get out of the music files that you will play and that you’ve got the right amount of cover over whatever it is you want to play with.

The Typical File Format

The media that you utilize in your karaoke machine should be produced with the CDG file format. The CDG or Compact Disc plus Graphic format is a file that includes two segments. First, the CDG file will include the basic audio that the song is played back with. Second, there is a graphic display that will appear on a computer or karaoke machine. The graphics should be timed to where certain things will appear at specific moments within the song. This should entail the lyrics, although some other graphic embellishments may be incorporated as well.

Can Discs Work?

A disc can work in a karaoke machine. This is a simple option as it ensures you can play music directly off of the machine while also producing the most accurate lyrical details.

The disc that will go into the machine must be designed for karaoke intentions. Specifically, the disc should have a series of CDG files. The number of files that the disc has will vary by model, but you can expect a disc to have around 60 to 75 minutes of content like what you’d get out of a regular compact disc.

It is easier to control one of these discs on karaoke music equipment list because you can switch between tracks directly through the unit. The guide book on your disc should include details on the songs you’re switching between. Also, some machines will automatically stop after one file is done, which is useful if you want to pass the microphone over to someone else and that person needs to get ready for the performance. Check on the technical points of your machine to see how well it can handle a CDG disc.

Flash Drives May Work

It is always a good idea to have a flash drive on hand for your karaoke machine. You can use a flash drive to add more media for your machine to play. A flash drive can include as many CDG files as desired provided that you don’t go beyond the capacity on that drive. Many of these setups can handle about 4 to 8 GB of files at a time.

You would have to look at how well you can navigate through different parts of the flash drive on your karaoke machine. The display should include an interface that lets you move between files or folders. You can create many folders that will divide your CDG files based on the types of music you wish to store. Some models may also let you produce playlists where many people can play music.

You must notice how well you’re going to get your karaoke machine to play back music. Be sure the media you utilize is of the proper CDG format. You must also ensure that the karaoke machine has a proper form of media that contains the CDG files you want to use.