The last was a blast and we are really looking forward to this one!  Warm up with their last album Individualism! And read the statement from the band: 

“During the last months, we’ve been working on our sixth full-length. It’s turning out way beyond our expectations and we’re really excited, and the time has finally come to reveal some details and news!

The chosen title is “Magna Adverse” which can be interpreted as “The great devil work”. The album based on the psychological heaven and hell exploited and ruled by the sickening human mind through the centuries; exploring the blindness, the evil, and the mental illness created by religion.

For this new album, we wanted the chance to experience the songs in the studio before recording, something we never did before. Then for the first time, we had the entire band cooperating on the composing, something which has definitely put a distinctive mark on this album. The process of sharing our different ideas and influences has undoubtedly resulted in a broader, yet more distinctive soundscape.

This time around the drums will be recorded at Toproom Studio in Norway (Mayhem, Ulver, Enslaved, Tristania…)  by Asgeir Mickelson (Borknagar, Ihsahn, Solefald, Testament (live), Sarke…) and the mixing and mastering were done by Øystein G. Brun (Borknagar) at Crosound Studio in Norway.

“Magna Adverse” is planned to be released this fall on Indie Recordings.

And there is more! We are pleased to announce that Patria is now officially under the worldwide management of AISA (Enslaved / Wardruna / Cult of Luna / Skuggsjá etc). This is just the kind of cooperation we were looking for and we are sure our collaboration will be the bearer of great achievements. By the way, we are also launching an official website through them where you can find some of our releases (CDs / LPs) and clothing. Check it out:”


Sarke’s fourth album, featuring the icy and grim screams from Darkthrone’s lead vocalist Nocturno Culto, is truly the grandest and most dynamic album from Sarke to this date. ‘Bogefod’ presents nine tracks that stretch from lingering atmospheric doom to thrash to black metal and technical metal – all within the realms of superb quality.

Click HERE to preorder.

It is a highly conceptual album spinning around the evil walking dead Torolv Bogefod from the norse classic Eyrbyggja saga. After an ugly death Torolv breaks out of his tomb. Dead, yet undead, he terrorizes the villagers and causes deaths and devastations. This viking story is 1000 years old.


We are happy to announce the re-signing of In Vain! This is celebrated with a performance at the Indie Recordings label night at Blastfest and the release of the two first In Vain albums on vinyl!

In Vain’s two first albums, “The Latter Rain” and “Mantra”, are both finally available on vinyl. Get your copy at Blastfest (Wolf’s Lair stand) or at our web shop. The release date is Feb 19th.


The album “Violator” out March 18!

This cataclysmic bombardment goes by the eloquent title “Light The Fucking Sky” and is an absolute onslaught of sonic destruction. Raise a fist to the God of War and watch the world burn gloriously while you headbang frantically.

“This song easily goes into my top 5 list of home runs when it comes to personal songwriting. This song fucking kicks ass! Hopefully, one or two listeners will agree with me.” – Valla (vocals/guitars)


The first track titled “A Greater Call” from the upcoming mammoth “Mariner” is available on all streaming services. This is a solid taste of the cataclysmic events yet to come!

“Mariner” – out on April 8!

If you pre-order “Mariner” (on Amazon, FNAC, Indie Recordings Store, etc.), please fill out the form on to access a free download of the track “A Greater Call”!


“A Greater Call is the link between the city and the void above.
Imagine walking up to your vessel and how the excitement grabs hold of you. The feeling of uncertainty.
Are you even going to be able to push through the atmosphere in one piece? 

A last breath before blast off and then we leave.
The song is about how humanity is cutting its losses and leave a dying planet. Its only hope lies above.

Although it might not be representative of the album as a whole and Julie’s involvement.
It is where the journey starts.”

– Cult Of Luna

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